The Power Age

ThePowerAge-packshotFor the mothers, aunts and grandmothers of Rebel Girls, this is the handbook to maturing like a pro.

Be who you always wanted to be when you grew up.

What if experience always trumped youth? Or if there was more appreciation for the style and confidence that comes with age?

Embrace your inner greatness, no matter what your vintage, and feel fabulous from the inside out by taking inspiration from the superstars and regular Jo(sephin)es who’ve nailed it.

The Power Age is a celebration of growing older for women not willing to sit back and become invisible. Revel in your personal style, maximise your health and wellbeing, love what you do and find your favourite ways to connect and give back.

Featuring dozens of interviews and words of wisdom from women working their power age, including former New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clark, designer Leona Edmiston and food legend Maggie Beer, as well as exquisite illustrations by Jessica Guthrie and photographs of the most outstanding of older icons, The Power Age is your guide to navigating midlife and beyond with power and panache.

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Kelly Doust_Power Age 1About the Author

Kelly Doust is a book publisher and author of the fashion memoir A Life in Frocks, vintage fashion bible Minxy Vintage: how to customise & wear vintage clothingThe Crafty Minx series of craft books and two novels, Precious Things and Dressing the Dearloves. Her articles and writing have appeared in VogueAustralian Women’s Weekly and Sunday Life Magazine.